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Dart Big M BBC Cast Iron Bare Blocks #31263444

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The Dart Big M big block Chevy cast iron bare blocks no-compromise design solves the problems that have plagued big blocks for the years. The Dart Big M features extra-thick cylinder walls, and are available with a choice of different deck heights and cylinder bores, so there's sure to be a Big M block for you to build a better big block to suit your needs.

Dart Big M Big Block Chevy cast iron bare blocks feature:

* Standard 9.800 in. and tall 10.200 in. deck heights available 
* Standard 4.250 in., 4.500 in. or 4.600 in. bore sizes
* Ductile iron sleeves with extra thick cylinder walls promote excellent ring seal
* Reinforcing ribs strengthen lifter valley bellhousing flange
* Inboard valley head stud bosses improve gasket sealing
* Priority main oiling system delivers oil directly to the crankshaft bearings to enhance reliability at high engine speeds
* Steel 4-bolt main bearing caps are manufactured in-house by Dart to ensure quality and compatibility with the block
* Dual oil pan bolt patterns fit standard and notched oil pans

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. See for details.