phone: 316 775 7771


Samuel Hickey
January 27, 2017
A guy once told me there wasn't a better small block comp builder in the world. He was right. C/SMA record holder for a while. Thanx Allan & Todd
Michael Schaar
November 26, 2016
Bought a turbo 400 transmission from them that is more than what I expected.

March 27, 2015

Would Like to Thank Patterson Racing

Would like to thank Patterson Racing for all their support over the last 16 years! They have been the backbone behind us with anything we have ever needed! Thanks, it is a credit to your entire family & crew! I highly recommend Patterson Racing for any performance parts or engine needed!
John Skorpos


Feb. 03, 2015

Amazing Customer Service

10 days from order of custom parts to delivery to my door here in Australia. Thank you Todd and team.

Craig Geddes

Geddes Racing



Dec. 01, 2014

Thanks from Dave Dequen

Hi Todd, just a short update, we ran the car on the weekend at our local track and had a good result. We top qualified, reset track record and won the meet in less than ideal conditions. Once again thank you for such a great reliable and powerful engine and exceptional service….
Thank you to Patterson Racing for helping our team to achieve great results.

Kind regards
Dave Dequen



Nov. 18, 2014

Barry Davis says Thanks!

Want to say thanks to Patterson Racing, Allan and Todd Patterson for the great engines they build for us. All of David's comp wins have been with Patterson Power. Thanks for the years of great horsepower.



Nov. 06, 2014

Jason DeForrest Says Thanks!

Thanks to Patterson Racing for their help on my winning engine parts! 



Sept. 15, 2014

Diane Roberts Says Thanks!

The unit’s mud racing team would like to thank Patterson Racing for all their work and expertise in getting our trucks up and going. So far “the other unit” driven by Tanner Roberts has done very well in Harrisonville, MO. 2nd place finish Rock, KS first in two classes Mud Down in T-Town first in class 4 Palco, KS two first and a second El Dorado, KS two first still tweaking on “the unit” driven by Boog Roberts. Thank you again from the units crew.

Randy, Boog, Tanner & Diane.


Mar. 06, 2014

Dave Dequen says Thanks!


Hi Todd, just at quick update! This weekend we had our biggest meeting, the Westernationals, in which we top qualified in Comp Eliminator, reset both ends of the E/AA record at 7.401 @ 177.86 and finished with a runner-up. Just want to say a big thank you to you and all your staff for a great engine and 1st class service. I would also like to say thank you to Peter Ridgeway for all the help he has given us. Thank you and we look forward to dealing with Patterson Racing again.

Special Thanks

Dave Dequen!

~Dave runs a 285 CI SB-2 Patterson Racing Engine


Sept. 13, 2013

A Special Thanks


“Patterson does it again! A special thanks to Darren, Allan, Todd and everyone at Patterson Racing for the great job they do on supplying me with the parts and machine work in setting the NHRA National Record in E/AA to 7.681 E.T. at 175.46MPH.”

Thanks again     ~Billy Griffin


July 27, 2013

'Top of the line'

Top of the line business with very good people that really try to help you with your needs!!!!
— Danny Joe Swift


May 08, 2013

Geddes Thanks!

“Hi Guys,

Just another update. Last weekend we raced at the Australian Nitro Championships in Sydney round of the Championships and on offer was the Gold Christmas trees (equivalent to your Wallies).We qualified No3 with a PB of 7.45 then went on to win the event and reset the National record to 7.406 @ 175.96 MPH. The car is a Ken Keir Bantam Altered with a 13 degree wedge 284ci Chevy with 1 x 750 carb and Proflite 3 speed trans. Thanks again to all involved for help and parts including Todd Patterson, David Rampy, Gary Marrick and Clint Neff.


Craig Geddes”


Sept. 26, 2012

Another First!!


Dear Todd, Big Al, Brian and ALL the Crew!

Thank you all for your help and friendship and being a HUGE part in making History! We were all together on: AUSTRALIA’S FIRST PRO STOCK 6 SECOND RUN & RECORD!

~Peter Ridgeway


Sept. 21, 2012

A New Record!!


To the Patterson Team:

NHRA has finally made our record official:

Tim Nicholson driving the Cassil Family ’66 Chevy in Earlville, IA at 10.04 ET in SS/K at 130.78 MPH. Our program has made a huge leap forward. Once again, you guys have given us awesome power. We set this record with 60+ runs on the bullet. In addition, we bested the previous mark by .16 and nearly 3 mph weighing 50#’s heavy in “bracket mode”.

This is a team effort and you should all be proud of this accomplishment. Though all of you are not at the races, all the careful work you do with prep, honing, assembly, piston lightening, DYNO & R&D etc makes this all come together. It’s not only fast, it is reliable and steady. I think it will still show 500 on the DYNO today.

Thanks to all of you.  Keep up the Good Work!”

~Tracy Cassil


Feb. 08, 2012

Second Time Around


The ’63 Pontiac Tempest Coupe is the car Dan always wanted when he was a kid. He found this little beauty 4 years ago for    sale in Lebo and there was no question he was not going to miss out on it! At first glance it appears to be a beautifully restored, only slightly modified early ’60′s Pontiac in street clothing. But it is, in fact, a killer car!

Allan Patterson of Patterson Racing was given the task of bringing the 535 cubic inch Pontiac Drag Racing motor up to snuff with Loveland, Mike Schill & Monty Griggs. The engine recorded an impressive 802 horsepower & 776 foot pounds of torque. “And that was before we put the good set of headers on it,” said Loveland. The good headers were built by the late Herb Gebler of Beltsville, MD, using a special process that left the insides of each tube absolutely smooth. “This is the next-to-the-last set of headers he built,” Loveland said.

So obviously, this car was built for the drag strip, right? Wrong. “I wanted it to be really street-able,” Loveland said. “It could be raced tomorrow, but the thought of it going sideways at 120 mph is too much for me. It’s way too nice to race,” he added. Mostly Loveland cruises to an occasional evening car show and enjoys the satisfying rumble that drowns out the sound of his stereo!  Check out the burn out Allan did in the Pontiac behind the shop here!


Courtesy of the Wichita Eagle ~Mike Berry


Nov. 24, 2011

Crooks Thanks

“Thank you all for your hard work and time putting my short block together! It’s not every day you find a business at your level that will take in a Mitsubishi 4 Cylinder! Special thanks to Darren & Mike for going out of your way to make sure it was finished and available for pick up! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!”

~Jason Crooks


Oct. 12, 2011

Coburn Thanks


“First of all, thank you to you and everyone at Patterson Racing for the attention to detail and willingness to help us with correcting our issues with the engine and Racepak. The help we received allowed us to produce the outstanding performance recorded during test and tune at KCIR on Friday evening.

My son Jesse, got to celebrate his 19th birthday by making two license passes and did very well for his first time in the seat. The Racepak issues seem to have been corrected and is working well now. We will be racing the Mustang at KCIR on Oct. 22nd, which is the reschedule date for the Midwest Ford Fest.

Thank you again to everyone at Patterson Racing — without your help this level of performance would not be possible!”

~Randy Coburn

Randy runs a 374ci SB Ford Patterson Power Plant in his 1969 Ford Mustang!


Cassil Family

AJ, Todd, Barbara, Darren, Brian, Eldon and the rest of “Team Patterson”:

It is with great pride that I share a copy of our recent record. Amazingly, this result was accomplished with our “B” motor which you guys rushed to freshen up a year ago when the “A” piece spun a bearing at the Mile Highs.

We are honored to have you as friends and proudly carry the “Patterson Power” on the front fender. With the “A” piece currently coming together, we are committed to keeping the performance momentum going as we chase the SS/K class win at Indy. In addition, we are trying our best to make it two years in a row for the Aeromotive Low Qualifier Award.

Thanks for your support.

Tracy, Bill & Family


Dan Coville

Patterson Racing:

Thank you Patterson Racing. The engine you built for my Chevelle runs absolutely terrific. The driver is on the rusty side but you will have that. Good Luck in Indy. I hope to see you there.

Take Care

Dan Coville


Moffatt Thank You

Patterson Racing:

I ordered a set of GRP Aluminum rods from Darren. Excellent technical help and Excellent service. I got the rods today. I build a lot of bracket engines and I just told a customer my aluminum rods will be in next week and the UPS man walked in right then with them. Excellent Service Guys and Girls!!

Butch Moffatt


Hickey Thanks

Patterson Racing:
I just wanted to thank all the personnel at Patterson Racing for a fast & dependable Comp. Motor. This is for all the unspoken of, behind the scenes people that make the whole process work like a fine tuned watch, or a fine tuned C/SMA Motor. When I look over all the fine racers we compete against & witness all the problems they experience with engine failure (large or small) only then can our team realize how professional & well prepared our builders are.
What’s really great is how what they know also rubs off on all of us here at Hickey Bros. Racing. I feel & look like I have been doing this for many years thanks to all y’all in Kansas.
Keep up the great work.

Sam, Adam & Jules Hickey


Soderling/Mattfolk Thank You

Patterson Racing & Darren:

The racing season has now ended here in Finland and we ran a new Finish Record for Street Legal Cars under 366c.i. The record now stands 9.229 at 147.93 mph. The pistons and piston rings you supplied us in April worked fine. Thank You!

Best regards,

Kenneth Soderling & Kenneth Mattfolk