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We’ve made our name with our light-weight racing piston machining, but did you know we also do crankshaft balancing, engine block blueprinting, and cylinder and line honing. Whether you want us to upgrade the components you already have or set you up with brand new components, we’re here to customize your power plant to give you the edge you’re looking for at the track. Look to Patterson Elite Performance for the Midwest’s finest machining services.

If you want the most horsepower per cubic inch, you’re calling the right place. Let us hone your block on our state-of-the-art Rottler Diamond honing machine. Then we’ll fit it with our custom pistons and top-of-the-line Total Seal piston rings. And now, we even offer in-house piston skirt and dome coating making Patterson Elite Performance your one stop shop for all your piston needs. Our staff has over 100 years of expertise that we will use to get you the right piston, the first time, machined exactly to your specifications.


All the services below are done in house:

  • Lifter Boring
  • Cam Tunneling
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Bore Camshaft Tunnel
  • Block Decking
  • Line Honing
  • Precision Cylinder Honing

We also have propriety machining services available. Please inquire for more information.

Here are a few examples of our Custom Piston Machining Services:

  • Dome Profile
  • Top Gas Porting
  • Valve Relief
  • CNC Lightening
  • Custom Ring Grooving
  • In-House Piston Skirt Coating
  • Pin Fitting
  • Hand Finished Piston Domes
  • Dome Mold Digitizing
  • Piston Skirt and Dome Coating



Our custom piston skirt coating is a spray-on dry film lubricant designed to reduce friction, reduce wear, and inhibit galling on metal-to-metal contact without compromising the piston’s base material, geometry or heat treatment. The coating is formulated to withstand extreme temperatures with excellent adhesion even after repeated thermal cycling making it ideal for high performance engines.


Our custom piston dome coating is a high-temperature ceramic coatings that is designed to protect the piston dome in high-temperature applications. The coating creates a thermal barrier that is both durable and resistant to thermal shock when is applied to the top of the piston. It is designed to reflect heat back into the combustion chamber. This will increase exhaust gas velocity and greatly improve scavenging potential. Our dome coating can also extend the life of your piston by decreasing the rate of thermal transfer. Your pistons will run cooler and retain more of their tensile strength. They will be protected from high temperature oxidation and hot spots. The coating spreads heat evenly over the entire coated surface reducing detonation, pre-ignition and allowing the use of lower octane fuel. The barrier inhibits heat from being conducted through the piston to the wrist pins and rods which will in-turn keep the crankshaft, bearings, oil and entire bottom end at a lower temperature.

Please call 316-775-7771 to take advantage of these race-proven custom services.