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COPO/CRC Camaro Services

COPO Camaro Patterson Elite Performance

In 1969, the Central Office Production Order (COPO) division of Chevrolet produced the first purpose-built Camaro drag-racing specialty car designed to compete with the quickest in NHRA’s Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes. Fast forward 48 years and imagine yourself behind the wheel of a brand new COPO Camaro. This time with Patterson Elite power and all the custom racing components you desire. Not only can we increase the power from your COPO’s engine, we’ll upgrade the safety, suspension, brakes, transmission and electronics, all to your specifications.

Patterson Elite Performance is quickly becoming the world’s leader in upgrading and customizing COPO and CRC Camaros. We take pride in providing our customers with race ready cars, prepped to win, the day they leave our shop. Our COPO Camaros have won numerous National Events and hold national records. Check out some of our completed COPO and CRC Camaro projects here and scroll down for a list of just a few of the upgrades and services we offer for COPOs.

    Completed COPO Projects    

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 Available Services and Upgrades

  • Record setting engine upgrade packages, including removal and install in your car
  • Driveline upgrades to match your power
  • Optimized gear ratio upgrades
  • Scale and balance weight for your specific class
  • SFI 25.5 chassis upgrade for Factory Showdown
  • Upgraded brakes, shocks, and struts
  • Upgraded EFI dyno tunes
  • Install Chilly Willy Engine or Engine and Transmission Chiller
  • Install top-of-the-line PPP Shifter with custom Shifter Mount
  • Adjust car ride height with custom Rear Shock Mounts
  • Upgrade to 16V power system
  • Install RacePak with custom sensors for your needs
  • Upgrade to our custom designed 2 1/8" stainless steel headers
  • Install mounting brackets for custom designed ProJack stands
  • Install race track/pit/hauling aids like a front Jack Pad, Tie Down Brackets and Front Padded Work Cover
  • And much, much more...

 16v-system-upgrade.jpg16v Charging System Upgrade



ppp-shifter-biondo-button-acd-box-upgrade.jpgPPP Shifter, Biondo Terminator Trans Brake Button, & ACD Box Upgrades



pulley-tensioner-upgrade.jpgPulley & Tensioner Upgrades (350 Supercharged)



belts-upgrade-2.jpgSeatbelt & Other Safety Upgrades