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Drag Racing Engines

From the heart of America Patterson Elite Performance  has been supplying world championship engines for over 35 years to racers across the country and around the world.

Our engines have powered racers to over 100 NHRA and IHRA National event wins and our ability to constantly develop and provide horsepower has helped a multitude of drivers claim World Championships in numerous racing organizations.

Patterson Elite specializes in building customer specific engines, each based on the needs of our highly competitive clientele.  With our customers using a variety of small and big block powerplants, we can custom tailor a race engine for your specific needs in a variety of class or category combinations.

We have developed our outstanding record through countless hours of engine development in our environmentally controlled assembly facility, as well as thousands of hours at the controls of our climate controlled SuperFlow Dyno cell.  Our dedication to these strict  control standards allows Patterson Elite Performance to develop each customer’s engine to its peak performance and horsepower potential through controlled and repeat testing.

We are in constant contact with our vendors and suppliers to both stay on top of and help develop the latest in race engine technology.  Our involvement doesn’t stop there.  You will find the Patterson Elite team at the track as well.  When we are at the track we work hand in hand with our customers in race day conditions to be sure we are providing them the best and latest in race engine technology and performance.

At Patterson Elite our record speaks for itself.  Wouldn’t you like to have it speak for you as well?