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Machining Services

Rottler HP7A Diamond Hone


The HP7A features are:

Honing Features:
• Full color 10″ windows touch screen computer control.
• Fully automatic. No knobs, switches or dials.
• Extra large capacity for in-line blocks. 40″ X Axis travel.


Beyond our well-established reputation as a successful race team and highly respected race engine development facility, Patterson Elite offers customers around the world the same custom components that are in our race-winning engines.

Patterson Elite is now considered the industry expert in custom piston development. Our multi-phase procedures produce measurable horsepower and performance increases. Two CNC machining centers mean a quick turnaround to get you back to the racetrack in record time.

This new CNC lightening program takes this process to the next level. Patterson Elite has long been known for our ability to safely reduce piston weight without sacrificing the integrity of the piston. Our latest technique allows for almost 100% clean up of internal milling while keeping the piston flooded with coolant eliminating any possible piston distortion. In most cases it makes for a lighter overall piston. For more info, call our tech staff.

We are a dealer for CP Pistons, BME, Diamond, JE / SRP, Wiseco and Race-Tec

We also offer the following Custom Piston Machining Services:

  • Dome Profile
  • Top Gas Porting
  • Valve Relief
  • CNC Lightening
  • Custom Ring Grooving
  • In-House Piston Skirt Coating
  • Pin Fitting
  • Hand Finished Piston Domes
  • Dome Mold Digitizing
  • Piston Coating

Complete Engine & Crank Balancing Machine

In addition, Patterson Elite is now offering other specialized custom machining services. Outside engine balancing is available, as well as block boring, decking and honing. Please call to take advantage of these race-proven custom services.

All the services below are done in house:

  • Lifter Boring
  • Cam Tunneling
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Bore Camshaft Tunnel
  • Block Decking
  • Line Honing
  • Precision Cylinder Honing

In addition to the above mentioned services, we have propriety machining services available. Please inquire for more information.

Please call 316-775-7771 to take advantage of these race-proven custom services.