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Braswell 4825 Complete Carburetor

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The Braswell B-4825 Severe-Duty carburetor has brought racing carburetor technology into the 21st century. This carburetor was designed to fill the needs of both professional and sportsman level racers alike. It is manufactured from a lightweight, high quality aluminum die-casting. The bore centers have been spread out to improve air flow, and fuel distribution. This allows for both larger venturi and throttle bore options while maintaining the proper venturi to throttle bore ratios. This increases fuel atomization which improves both horsepower and drivability. Metering is handled by billet aluminum metering blocks that are fully adjustable and available with either 2 or 4 circuit metering.

The engine can now safely operate at a lower BSFC, and when properly tuned produce improved on track performance, fuel mileage, and engine life. Our patented lightweight Fuel Chute bowls fitted with Severe-Duty floats setup for the specific application are standard. The main body is then mounted on our dual bolt pattern Severe-Duty throttle body assembly equipped with triple ribbon throttle shafts for smooth operation and durability. All components are specifically race calibrated/engineered, not converted street car technology, this means you won't find unnecessary material or corners cut to utilize existing components.

The B-4825 Series carburetor is offered with venturi sizes from 1.40" up through 1.68", and throttle bores of 1.688", 1.750", or 1.790". This allows Braswell to size the carburetor accordingly to achieve the best overall power-band for the given combination, Utilizing the new 4 circuit carburetors lets you run a larger carburetor to obtain more top-end power without sacrificing part throttle drivability or torque.


  • Calibrations for gasoline, methanol, & ethanol
  • Available with calibrations for most types of racing engines
  • Less than 7-1/2lbs race ready
  • 4 Corner idle
  • Fully adjustable billet metering blocks
  • Replaceable air bleeds & idle feed restrictors
  • Available with either 2 or 4 circuit metering
  • Severe-Duty floats
  • Severe-Duty baseplate with dual bolt pattern, SAE 1-1/2V & 5.38"
  • Fuel Chute float bowls with large glass fuel level site windows
  • Utilizes 5-5/8" air cleaner ring


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