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SB-2 Comp Eliminator Engine

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Major Components:

Cylinder Heads: SB-2/CFE
Intake Manifold: CFE Billet Runner
Carburetor: Braswell
Block: GM Racing Aurora Short Deck
Crankshaft: Bryant Racing Billet Crankshaft 
Connecting Rods: GRP  Billet Aluminum or Carillo Steel
Camshaft: Bullet 60mm or Jesel Clam Shell
Rocker Arms: Jesel Alum or steel 
Racing Valve Springs: Pac Racing Springs 
Lifters: Jesel .937 Keyway lifters
Pushrods:  Manton or Trend Custom with bronze cap inserts
Pistons: Patterson Custom Billet

Wrist Pins: Trend Coated
Piston Rings: Total Seal
     Distributor: Jesel
     Wires: MSD
     Crank Trigger: MSD
Oil Pan: Stef's

Oil Pump: Dailey External
Fasteners: ARP
Gaskets: Fel-Pro



Final price determined by engine accessories needed for specific classes.  Call for details and pricing: 316-775-7771