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396 C.I. COPO Engine

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Major Components:

Cylinder Heads: GM LS3  12629063
Intake Manifold: Holley EPI - 300-125
Block: GM 12621766
Crankshaft: Compstar
Connecting Rods: Compstar
Camshaft: Bullet ground to class specifications
Rocker Arms: GM upgraded by Jesel
Racing Valve Springs: Pac
Lifters: Patterson modified GM hydraulic
Pushrods: TUB4708250
Pistons: CP/Patterson Racing custom approved
Piston Rings: Total Seal Diamond Finished Ring set & spacers
Ignition: Coil: GM 12579355, Spark Plug Wires: MOROSO 73811
Oil Pan: GM 12640746
Fasteners: ARP
Gaskets: GM



Final price determined by engine accessories needed for specific classes.  Call for details and pricing: 316-775-7771