Dart 31161111 SHP Blocks Bore: 4.000"

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Small Block Chevy

 Superior iron alloy
Bore: 4.000" (unfinished)
Bore/Stroke: 4.165" x 3.750" (max recommended)
Cam Bearing Bore ID: SBC 2.00"
Cam Bearings: Specially-coated & grooved with three oil holes
Cam Bearing OS: +.010", +.020", +.030"
Cam Bearing Press: .002"
Cam Journal OD: Standard SBC 1.869"
Cam Plug: 2-7/64" shallow cup
Cylinder Wall Thickness: .230" minimum @ 4.165" bore
Deck Height: 9.025"
Deck Thickness: .625" minimum
Fuel Pump: Mechanical pump provision
Fuel Pump Pushrod: Standard length
Freeze Plugs: Press-in cup plugs 1-5/8"
Lifter Bores: SBC .8430" to .8440"
Main Bearing Size: 2.450" (350)
Main Bearing Bore: 2.6405 to 2.6415 (350)
Main Caps: Class 35 iron, 4 bolt, center 3
Main Cap Register: Deep stepped register on each side (no need for dowels) 
Main Cap Press: .005"
Main Cap Bolts: #1, #5 - 7/16" (2); #2, #3, #4 - 7/16" 3/8" splayed (2)
Oil System: Wet sump, main priority oiling (can use dry sump)
Oil Pump Shaft: 350 main = stock shaft (.481" OD)
Oil Filter: Standard SBC filter (uses 2-bolt filter adapter)
Oil Pan: Standard SBC oil pan
Rear Main Seal: 350 main, standard seal, 2-piece
Serial Number: On main caps and left front
Starter: Standard SBC
Stud Hole/Head: Blind holes
Timing Chain/Gears: Standard SBC components
Timing Cover: Can use stock stamped steel or plastic
Torque: 65 ft/lbs (7/16" bolts), 35 ft/lbs (3/8" bolts)
Weight: 175 lbs

Note:The lifter bosses in SHP blocks are .220" taller than the bosses in early-style blocks that were not designed for hydraulic roller lifters. If you are installing aftermarket lifters with link bars in an SHP block, the lifters must be designed for use in 1987-up or Bow Tie blocks.

Due to the additional length of these aftermarket tie-bar lifters, they must be installed in the block before the cylinder heads are installed.

Call 316-775-7771 to purchase.


WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. See https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/ for details.


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