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2006 EasTexas Chevrolet Cobalt

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2006 EasTexas Built Chevrolet Cobalt

SOLD AS A ROLLER – No Engine or Transmission

Car was Set up by Tim Freeman of Elite Motorsports to Run C/SM


Fresh Paint in 2020

Brand New Wiring Done Throughout the Car at the COPO Build Center in 2021

$85,000.00 Price Tag Comes with Everything Listed Below, Spares Included


  • Loaded RacePak V300SD with 8 O2’s
  • Racing Radios with Head Set and Charger
  • New MSD Grid Ignition and Coils
  • Fresh 16V Batteries with Charger
  • New Parachute
  • Up-To-Date Safety Harness
  • Current Chassis Certification
  • Spare Hood with Scoop (1x4 and 2x4 Carb Trays)
  • Aluminum Driveshaft (and a Brand-New Spare)
  • Carbon Fiber Brakes
  • Floor Mounted Pedals
  • Clutch Linkage
  • New Aluminum Radiator
  • Spare Set of Beadlock Wheels and Tires (2051 Goodyear)
  • New Set of 2051 Goodyear Tires (Never Mounted)
  • ProJacks (Including Lines and Pump)


  • Braswell 4825 Series Dual Four Carbs (Pair) (Best Suited for 320ci Engine) - $3,500.00
  • Book 4500 Carbs (Pair) (Only 3 Dyno Runs) (Best Suited for 320ci Engine) - $5,500.00
  • One Right/One Left Hand Slider, Fernando Face Plate, Snap Ring Kit, O Ring Kit, 40/16 3-Piece Liberty Gear Set, 24/33 3-Piece Liberty Gear Set (3:43 First, 2:29 Second, 1:65 Third, and 1:25 Fourth) (Spare Parts Will Work with Transmission Listed Above) - $1,900.00
  • Two Complete East West 3-Finger Dual Disc Clutches with Flywheels - $2000.00
  • Two Complete Spare Third Members (6:33, 6:20) (Both Included Polished and Lightened Ring and Pinions with Aluminum Spools) - $2000.00